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“I hired Danielle for acupuncture and acupressure during my pregnancy. My sessions with Danielle were fantastic. She helped relieve pain and pressure during my pregnancy. Danielle also really helped me relax. In fact, we had a session the day before I went into actual labor. My husband and I think that session helped put me into labor! Also, Danielle helped prepare my husband and I for labor and delivery. She taught us some acupressure and acupuncture to use during labor to calm my stress, relieve some of the pressure and help me relax. Overall, I was extremely happy with my sessions with Danielle and would definitely recommend her!”

L, New York

“I first came to Danielle suffering from my Spring allergies.  Over the counter as well as prescription Singular was just not doing it for me.  On our first meeting, I was so congested I remember coughing through our whole intake.  In addition, I was suffering with a touch of allergic asthma.   Within a short time, I felt something different lying on the table with the acupuncture needles.  My chest felt more clear and I was truly relaxed.  By the end of the session you could noticeably hear the difference in my voice.  I sounded clear!  I went on to have the best day I’d had in three weeks from all my allergy suffering.  From that day on, my allergies were reduced to barley a sniffle.  The following week I came for a Tui Na massage as well as acupuncture.   By the next morning I felt more energy as opposed to my usual exhausted morning routine.  That energy lasted for days.  I plan come to Danielle as a first line of defense for anything that comes up before relying on OTC medicines.  I’m thrilled to have her in my life.”

M, Westport, CT

“Danielle is very in tune with her patients. When speaking with Danielle it is very obvious she is listening intently to fully understand her patients needs. In addition she will ask probing questions to be sure that what the patient is describing is in fact what the issue seems to be. Danielle has a very calm demeanor which makes patients new to acupuncture, such as myself, extremely comfortable. If you are considering acupuncture and want that person who is a good fit I highly recommend visiting with Danielle. I believe once you do you will get the comfort level you are looking for as well as excellent results.”

B, Pennsylvania